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Solemn meeting of Presidium of St. Petersburg scientific center dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Library of Academy of Sciences, took place. It’s a really significant date in Russian history – three hundred years ago the first Russian public library was founded by order of Peter the Great. It was the only one state library in Russia during the whole 19 century.

Foundation of the library was the first step to turn the country to the path of progress and closure with developed European civilization.

Many times before that date Valery P. Leonov, claimed that little financing does not allow to resolve the most important tasks for the library – to finish construction of book storage and repair façade of the main building that survived all cataclysms of 20 century and is mottled with scars from shell attacks of blockade period. He strongly hopes that these problems would be resolved till the 300th anniversary.

Today many beautiful words about libraries of Academy of Sciences in the history of sciences and Russian education sounded.

Even the President sent a congratulation letter.

National e-library will start working till the end of the year

According to the Ministry of culture, it will be the largest Russian public e-resource providing access to editions of scientific and education theme.

As for today the library portal, creation of which was the key project of the Year of culture in Russia, is on the final development stage.

Grigory Ivlev, State Secretary, Deputy Minister of culture, announced recently at the 13th scientific and research Conference LIBNET-2014, that new internet resource “will provide free access for Russian citizens to the largest volume of full-text documents of scientific and education theme”.

In 2015 it is planed both to complete the fund of National e-library continuously and start formation of one library net of Russia. It will be possible to use the services of the libraries entering that system after registration at National e-library website or with universal reader’s ticket that gives the right of access to full-text e-editions and services of libraries participating in the project. Russian State Library registers online in test mode even now. According to the Minister of culture, in total this year National e-library will house 5 federal and 27 regional libraries, and in 2015 several hundreds of institutions all over the country will be the participants of the system.

Big Russian Encyclopedia will be of Internet format

Software filling and design of the future portal shall be developed in a month already.

It is planed that website of big Russian Encyclopedia will start till the beginning of 2017 simultaneously with edition of the last – 35th volume. As for today Ministry of culture announced a tender – 2 395 mln RUR and 1 month are given to make the website.

According to Sergey Kravets, Executive editor of Big Russian Encyclopedia, in the result there will be “a classic e-version of encyclopedia: with cross references, full-text search, but without connection to first hand sources of other intellectual services.” Internet encyclopedia will take a separate website, and its mirrors will be built in websites of Ministry of culture and “cultura.rf”. It is supposed that access to the materials of the portal of Big Russian Encyclopedia will be free, and regular refresh of the downloaded articles will be the best protection for them.

Literature Academy announced laureates of 9th season of National award «Big book»

At the solemn ceremony in Pashkov House in Moscow Special commission consisting of Member of Academy rewarded Zakhar Prilepin with award “Big book” for novel “Cell”. The second place was taken by Vladimir Sorokin with book “Telluria”, and the third place – by Vladimir Sharov (“Back to Egypt”).

According to the readers, Svetalana Aleksievich, Belarussianh writer (book “Second-hand time”), Zakhar Prilepin (“Cell”) and Alexey Makushinsky (“Ship to Argentina”)  shall be the three laureates of the award.

Readers voted at websites of Group of companies “Litres”, readers service ReadRate and e-library Bookmate.

Books of all three finalists could be read at all three websites via any device – computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Based on the results of readers voting the Audience Award went to Svetalana Aleksievich. In nomination “For contribution in literature” award went to Leonid Zorin.

Biblio night 2016 will be on April 22

Biblio night is an annual festival of reading that takes place in April all over Russia. That night all libraries, book stores, literature museums and art spaces prolong their working hours and expand work formats.

For the first time the action was initiated in 2012 by Library association and Association of managers of culture. In two years it was already supported by 2 000 areas all over the country. We like cinema because it embodies movement. And even nothing happens on the screen, even if shots do not change each other, and static pictures are quite like photos, cinema is always movement, and movement of time primarily. Andrey Tarkovsky called cinema “imprinted time” and told that “incomparable freedom with which artists can treat material provided by reality, and organize the material successively” joins cinema and literature. Cinema and literature have a lot in common. They are relatives. Literature is much older, for cinema she is an ancient and honorable ancestor. Cinema inherited a lot of interesting things from literature, for example, montage. Moreover a writing - a script – is in basis of each film. Many films are adapted novels, stories and tales. Frequently a reverse process takes place – from “moving pictures” to a word – directors, producers, camera men, actors, critics, historians write books about cinema, i.e. create their own literature. “Read cinema!” is the subject of the coming “Biblio Night 2016”. We, librarians, on April 22 will read “imprinted time” together with cineastes and their spectators indeed, to feel the very literature roots and understand this art better. Camera! Action! Read!

Each book in library shall have its digital copy

Introduction of obligatory digital copy of printed books is stated by new law «About culture».

According to Grogory Ivlev, Deputy Minister of culture of the RF, existence of «digital form of book of special standard» is a necessity caused by new conditions of information society.

Yakov Shrayberg, General director of RNPLS&T, supported Deputy Minister of culture and highlighted that libraries «shall both withstand and adapt in the new society as well as take their own place of catalyst elements of information society and democratic institutes of public access to information».

These announce from civil servants sounded last week in Suzdal at the 18th International Conference «IT, computer systems and publishing products for libraries» LIBCOM-2014, participants of which deeply discussed new law «About culture» and the concept of National digital library. Moreover the reporters talked about different problems of contemporary libraries, universities, publishing houses, book stores etc.

At the Conference special attention was paid to the final redaction of model standard for public libraries that, according to the developer’ plan, shall become modern multimedia centers.




From January 1, 2015 state bibliographic source books and other editions of Russian Book Chamber, branch of TASS, shall be issued with new titles.

Resolution about amendment of historic titles of bibliographic editions is caused by change of order of edition of these sources books and correspondingly by necessity of regulation of ownership for their titles.

Information content and structure of the editions that will be issued with new titles will be identical to the previous ones. Formation of content will be made by Russian Book Chamber. TASS will be the editor of the source books.

Russian Information agency TASS the subscribers’ attention to the fact that verified content will be only in the editions issued with brand «TASS» from January 1, 2015. Thus TASS is not responsible for reliability of information in subscription editions with old titles of third-party distributors.

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On November 10-11, 2014, in Moscow, in State Museum of Lev N. Tolstoy, there was scientific and research seminar «Problems of keeping digital information in libraries, museums and archives».

Russian committee of UNESCO program «Information for everybody», Interregional center of library cooperation and State Museum of Lev N. Tolstoy, supported by Ministry of culture of the RF, were the organizers.

Digitizing, museum multimedia, performance of museum, archive in Internet - all these issues create digital information resources  to be kept. Many types of objects of cultural heritage that were traditionally collected and kept by museums, libraries and archives both in material and analog form (art, photos, video, audio, miniatures, books, newspapers, magazines, documents etc) now born in digital form at once.

The following issues were discussed at the seminar: if traditional museums, libraries and archives shall collect and keep cultural heritage in new formats? What are criterium of selection of digital objects? What is status of a digital object in museum, library or archive? How to store digital cultural heritage? Who is responsible for that? How to finance the events for long-term storage of digital heritage?

ibilities and resources they can give for education, work, communications, self development and creative self expression. Libraries shall to be associated with bering and dusty area. And project «Library planet» is aimed to amend such old vision and inspire for new ideas that could lead to changes of libraries for the better and to attract young readers, volunteers and creative people to libraries.



Major International Conference «IT, computer systems and publishing products for libraries» (“LIBCOM-2014”) started in Suzdal. 

Russian libraries will turn into multimedia centers

Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of culture of the RF, moderated a presentation about libraries of new type in the Russian State Library.

According to the plan of the developers of the project, contemporary library centers shall be of maximum comfort for visitors starting from the hall where it is necessary to put modern information stands.

The minimum program of each such center that can take up to 20 000 visitors, shall include equipped computer places for work, digital access to state services, zone for team work and separate premises for education and development of children. Thus the libraries of new type shall become modern multifunctional and multimedia centers of different functions and features, for example, book stores with cafe stalls. According to Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of culture, his Ministry for a long time already tries to give libraries legal possibility to make such places in their territory out of competition «to create points of attraction».

r highlighted: «It is important that it happens in the Year of culture».


He informed that the main project of the Ministry is creation of National digital library that will allow everyone who has an integrated reader ticket to use digitized data of Russia libraries. He highlighted: «I hope that it will start work next year already».


being constructed, and two of then are wholly automized.


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