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Crisis support means for printed media and book publishing industry

On April 13, 2016 in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, there was public hearing “Crisis support means for printed media and book publishing industry”.

Participants of the event highlighted that printed media and books industry still plays an important political, social and cultural role in life of the country, and is one of the key elements in the system of information security and realization of democratic principles of development of civil society.

In addition according to the participants of the hearings, the position in industry of printed media and books on a national scale causes reasoned alarm. Economic crisis, reasons of organizational character, fluctuations in exchange rate, price advance for paper and typographic services, continuing decrease of buying capacity and readers demand, decrease of ads treasury revenues from legal restrictions to publishing budgets, low operational discipline of civil servants, administrative barriers and other factors negatively reflect on the situation in the industry globally.

Public museum of book in Moscow

The idea of creation of free exposition of rare editions in the building on Mokhovaya street is developed in Russian State Library.

Lenin library plans to open Museum of book in the building transferred by the Moscow government on Mokhovaya street.

According to Alexander Visly, Director of Russian State Library, a shift exposition will be made to attract visitors that will include rare books of different periods in sequence: “One day there will be rare papyrus, the Gutenberg Bible - another day, and then books from contemporary collections”.

According to the Director of Russian State Library, the library just received the mentioned building from Russian Agency for Estate and even did not manage to make all the necessary documents of tile to the land.

But the heads do have points of view how to use the building on Mokhovaya street already: after repairs there will be museum of book free both for citizens of Moscow and guests as well.

But financing of the project is an open question yet – as Alexander Visly highlighted, he can not specify from what sources means for the museum will be given. He added: “I think we shall not take money from the visitors”. Also in Russian State Library they do not specify the opening dates of the museum.

Dmitry Livanov, Head of Ministry of education and science, informed on Thursday, that the fund of Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION) moves to other libraries

The largest part of storage of Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences that survived the fire will be placed in other Russian libraries including RNPLS&T as well.

He told: “This library (RNPLS&T) just moved to the new modern building. Part of unique INION collection will be there too”.

According to him, many Russian book storages digitize materials now, and it will help to exclude repeated tragedy. Ministry of culture deals with this problem.

According to the Head of the Ministry, as for the damaged books, every book is being analized now.

He added: “It is necessary to check each book, estimate damage and find right way of its reconstruction”.

According to the Head of Ministry of education and science, fire in INION library is a real tragedy.

He told: “The potential that was collected, and the science prestige are damage very seriously”.

Mr Livanov concluded: “Fire in INION is the example that as a water drop reflected all the problems of our scientific sector, when in the Academy of sciences, as it was before the reform, not just assets were not stored properly, but whole directions of scientific investigations were on the fringes and leading scientists had to leave the country”.



I.S. Turgenev Public Library and Reading room celebrates its 130th anniversary.

130th anniversary of I.S. Turgenev Public Library and Reading room, the oldest Moscow public library, is on February 9, 2015. The library was founded for the financial means of Varvara A. Morozova, famous Moscow benefactress, in memory of Ivan S. Turgenev, and welcomed the first vistors on January 28 (February 9) 1885. The building of the reading room is the first one built for library in Moscow, constructed in accordance with project of Dmitry N. Chichagov, architect, was located near Myasnitskiye gates till 1972. Then it was knocked down to build Novo-Kirovsky avenue (Academic Sakharov avenue). The existing Turgenevskaya square was called after the reading room in the beginning of 20 century. Since 1998 the library works in complex of buildings of 17-19 centuries in Bobrov lane. 

On January 13, 2015 in Russian State Library there was presentation of portal of National digital library; Dmitry A. Medvedev, Prime Minister, met with representatives of library community then.

According to RIA Novosty, S.V. Balandyuk, President of ELAR Corporation, told at the presentation, that National digital library now includes books and other editions from 33 Russian libraries. As for today total fund of full-text digital documents of National digital library makes 1.6 millions units (books, dissertation, papers) and 26.9 millions notes in digital catalogue for digital printed editions.

In 2015 it is planned to increase the number of libraries-participants of this project to 1 000, and adapt the resources of National digital library for mobile devices as well. Moreover rights for scientific, education and technical literature will be purchased from publishing houses. A.I. Visly, General director of Russian State Library, told that the stage of test work of National digital library website will be finished in the nearest six months.

Within this period resource will be completely transferred to the servers of Russian State Library, and it will be the fully legitimate operator of National digital library. Mr Visly is sure that the project will help to provide necessary editions not only to separate readers, but to dozens of thousands of Russian libraries as well. Heads of other national libraries took part in the presentation and meeting with Dmitry A. Medvedev: A.V. Likhomanov, General director of Russian National Library, and A.P. Vershinin, General director of Presidential library. Among other representatives of library community O.A. Andon, Head of Bogolyubovo village library, branch of Suzdal regional centralized library system of Vladimir region, winner of the 1st Russian competition “Library of the tear 2013”, and A.G. Gacheva, Head of Department of museum and excursion work of Library №124 of centralized library system of South-West administrative district of Moscow, winner of the 2nd Russian competition “Library of the tear 2014”, also met with Prime Minister. 

Last year novel “One hundred years of solitude” of Gabriel García Márquez was the most requested one by the visitors of Moscow libraries.

Moscow city library center made a vast monitoring of popular books in city libraries. According to information of press service of the Center, novel “One hundred years of solitude” of Gabriel García Márquez, Columbian writer, was the absolute leader.

As employees of Moscow libraries specified, explosion of interest to this classic work happened in last April after death of the writer and continued during the whole year. Analysis of the most read books was made on the basis of the data of centralized library systems of Moscow districts. As employees of Moscow city library center specified, “selection was made with 10 most popular works that were given every month within the year”.

But the rate included not the total number of requests for one book or another, but only the fact of lending it to library visitors in each separate district. 

Fire in Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences

In Moscow library of Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences 15% of the stored funs were completely damaged.

Let us remind that fire in the library of the Institute located on Nakhimovsky avenue 51 near “Profsoyuznaya” metro station, started on Friday evening near 10 pm. Fire teams arrived in 6 minutes after they were called – passengers saw smoke arising from the roof of the 20-meter building. According to preliminary data, electrical wiring short circuit was the reason. Upper premises and garret of three-store and not very new building were on fire at once. Books – very inflammable material – are the main value here. Fire got the third degree (there are five of them in Moscow).

According to Emercom, the fire covered the area near 2 000 sq.m (total area of the library is 12 000 sq.m). Moreover near 1 000 sq.m fell down destroyed. And near one day there was still danger that it will ruin further.

The works are difficult as there is still danger that frameworks can ruin. Thus only exterior perimeter is cleaned now.

Moreover in some rooms there are still glowing embers, thus smoke blanket does exist. Special Emercom laboratory of constantly measures cleanness of the air here, especially at “Profsoyuznaya” metro station. Rescuers warn local citizens, owners of cafes and shops that smoke blanket exists in the fire area. But according to Emercom employees, maximum permissible concentration, being hazardous for citizens’ health, was not found.

A part of the wall of the existing library ruined too, but the book storage and books were rescued in generally. But according to the message of Federal agency of scientific organizations, near 15% of total funds stored here were damaged.

There no information about fire victims yet. In Emercom they hope that there were no any library employees in the building when the fire started. There are 330 employees in the library in total.

By the way, except for the Institute, in that building there are (were) German historic institute, Scientific and research institute Ars-ceramics, shop and several companies. 

On January 26 in media center of “Russian newspaper” there was presentation of resource

The start was given by Mikhail Seslavinsky, Head of Federal agency for press and mass communications. Also the event was visited by directors of large book stores, heads of leading publishing houses, representatives of libraries, writers and literary critics.

The Head of Rospechat highlighted : “The stereotype that there is a conflict between literature and internet exist for a long period already. This year well stop this “Battle of Stalingrad” thanks largely to this website and we’ll transfer from conflict to friendly union”.

Internet portal at gives the user complex information about book and literature news, as well as about events of the Year of literature in Russia, and also review of mass media publications and official information of the organizing committee including corporate logo of the Year of literature for free use.

Daily in special column “Lines born that day” there will appear poems of famous authors written in different years but on this very day.

Moreover within the year reports about writers’ lives, interviews with finalists of literature awards will be also published at the portal. And it is planned to cover extensively jubilees and remarkable dates connected with the names being meaningful for Russian literature.

On January 13, 2015 Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister, got acquainted with the work of portal of National digital library and met with Russian librarians. Presentation took place in Russian State Library.

Realization of project “National digital library” was launched in 2004 upon the initiative of Russian State Library.  Up to 2014 portal of National digital library joined resources of 6 federal libraries and 27 regional ones.


The project is aimed at creation of the sole information library space within the territory of Russia and formation of available information environment based on library fund and education and scientific institutions in internet.

As for today total fund of full text digital documents of National digital library makes 1,6 mln items and 26,9 mln notes in digital catalogue for digital printed editions.

And at least 10% of the books published in Russia are included in the library fund annually.

To provide access to the resources of National digital library protected by copyrights, there are 581 virtual reading halls connected with public and university libraries of Russia, CIS countries and National Library of Finland.

The Prime Minister highlighted that National digital library is really the largest library project – a unique intellectual resource and start of a new stage of development for all Russian libraries.

The library joins digital funds of all libraries in one state information library system and for sure it shall provide possibility to use giant volume of information. And what is the most valuable – to use it legally.

Moreover at the meeting Dmitry Medvedev and Alexander Visly, General Director of Russian State Library, discussed the possibility to digitize all dissertations presented in Russia and the Soviet Union. 

On January 13, 2015 in Samara regional universal scientific library there was a solemn event “Grot. Region. Library” dedicated to three milestone events: Day of Samara region, 200th anniversary of Samara governor, honored citizen of Samara, founder K.K. Grot Samara public library, and 155th anniversary of the main library of the region.

At 4 pm L.A. Anokhina, Director of Samara regional universal scientific library, and A.N. Zavalny, Chief librarian of Department of local studies, opened solemn part of the event. O.V. Rybakova, Minister of culture of Samara region, made welcome speech for the guests. She congratulated the staff, readers and guests of the library with the Day of Samara region.

Minister also proved the initiative of the staff of the library to give the name of its founder – Konstantin K. Grot – to the library, and charged to study thoroughly public opinion to prepare good decision for this issue.

Members of Guardian council, veterans of the library, heads of non-governmental organizations of the region, heads of universities, scientists, writers, journalists, honored readers, heads of state and municipal libraries congratulated the employees of the library with the jubilee.

Solemn event “Grot. Region. Library” was visited by more than 300 persons. 

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