How to improve textbooks for schools

The government searches for a formula to select the best textbooks for the schools

Recently, the Ministry of Education and Science published the results of the first state-funded textbook expertise. Three hundred and thirty six titles were considered inappropriate. For a long time already, the publishers’ expertise have been distrusted with the society consistently discussing scandalous mistakes in the textbooks. attempts to learn how the government sets things to right.

Textbooks Federal Register is the basic list for the schools buying textbooks through the government funding. The RF Constitution guarantees the right to free and comprehensive education.

The first list of government recommended textbooks was published back in the late 1990-ies. Since that time, the Federal Expert Council has been in charge of the textbook expertise. To obtain “Recommended” logo, the textbooks have had, beside the expert decision, to be tested in several regions. It is a practical expertise that enables to learn whether the textbooks can be used for teaching or not. At this stage, errors, omissions and other defects are revealed.

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