Vasilyeva precluded the possibility of  full transfer from printed to digital textbooks

Digital textbooks are not to replace the printed ones, the RF Ministry of Education confirmed to the press service. By confirming this, the Ministry reacts to the media claims that the agency plans to replace printed textbooks with the digital analogs by the year 2021.

“I can tell you that the fear of the absolute replacement of printed textbooks, or, moreover, abandonment of writing lessons for the sake of the keyboard, are unreasonable. We have been writing [by hand], and we will be writing. Kids have to develop their fine motor skills. And the multimedia supplement will be just a fraction of a lesson”, Moscow News Agency cites Olga Vasilyeva. The paper books will survive in schools and in libraries, too, - the Minister emphasized. Some publications will be available on the libraries’ computers.

The Minister added that the digital schools would get additional security systems, including video identification which is more reliable and less expensive than many other systems. This will also enable to guard the schools from unwanted strangers.

At school cafeterias, kids will pay for their meals with special cards rather than cash, Vasilyeva said. The whole range of paperwork and book keeping will be converted to the digital, she promised.

Source: "Book Industry"

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