Russian Book Chamber recorded 100-million run published by Prosveshchenije publishers’ in 2017

The Russian Book Chamber reported the statistical data on the circulation of books issued (registered by the Russian Book Chamber) in the Russian Federation in 2017. According to RBC, “Prosveshchenije proved to be the champion in the total book run among the country’s major publishers’.

On February 7, 2018, the Russian Book Chamber summarized the book industry’s results for the year 2017. According to RBC, over 471 m book copies were published in RF. Prosveshchenije Publishing House is leading with the total run of 100,465.8 thousand copies.

Dmitry Klimishin, Prosveshchenije Managing Director says:For the recent 7 years, the publishers’ has been increasing the circulation. Beside the school textbooks, the learning aids for all school ages, from preschool, are particularly popular with teachers, students, and parents. They make the major part of the total run. Of the publishers’ new publications, it is important to mention the books in correctional pedagogy, books for disabled kids, books in Crimean Tatar language and the languages of the Russian Far Northern, Siberian, and Far Eastern native populations, aids to prepare for tests, exams, and many others.

For the first time in 2017, Prosveshchenije Publishing House introduced the holographic stickers for its highly demanded textbooks and aids for primary schools, to eliminate counterfeit products.


The Russia Book Chamber reports, that in 2017 the total run of RBC registered books and brochures made 471,459.8 thousand copies, and 117, 359 titles.

As for 2017, five thousand and 775 publishers’ were operating in Russia.

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