The global platform for science publications and documents launched in Russia

The global research platform Dimensions comprising 86 mln .articles and books and 124 million documents, patents, grant data and industry standards is launched in Russia, according to the press release received by Indicator.Ru

The Dimensions Project is launched by Digital Science in cooperation with the experts of over global 100 universities and research centers. The platform enables free search of millions of articles, books, grant descriptions, citations and metrics. The documents are connected by 3.8 billion links.

On the Russian side, the partners are Russian Science Foundation, Foundation for Innovation Support, Russian Venture Company (RVC), Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, and several universities, namely RANEPA, ITMO University, Ural Federal University, Moscow Institute of Physical Engineering and the Far Eastern Federal University.

Access to the major part of the materials will be provided free, while several functions (access to analytical materials and supplementary data arrays) will be charged.

Source: "Indicator"

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