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iiTest exploitation of the first LTE-net in Moscow

 Antares Group of companies belonging to Evgeniy Roytman, businessman, launched in Moscow the tests of the first mobile net of the fourth generation.

The service is of LTE standard (Long Term Evolution); active frequencies from 1900 to 1920 Mhz received by the company in 2008 “to build nets of mobile radio connection” all over Russia. Transfer speed of data now already exceeds 80 Mb/sec.

Antares is going to spend 400-500 million USD to develop LTE-infrastructure. According to Mr. Roytman the negotiation about financing with a bank are quite finished. “Infra Engineering” will lead the realization of the project.

The participants highlight that frequency domain of Antares, being specified for LTE, will not be used in the most European countries, so the building will require heavy spending to adapt the equipment and for Antares it will be hard to cover the project, they suggest.

It worth mentioning that April 15, in the night, “Skartel” (Yota brand) plans to lauch LTE-net in Moscow. The net will be exploited as a commercial one as it cannot be tested with the active WiMAx system for data transfer simultaneously. Minimum monthly fee will make 400 RUR for a channel of capacity of 512 Kb/sec. Maximum fee – 1400 RUR for speed of 20 Mb/sec.

Operators of the “big three” plan to launch the services of data transfer of the fourth generation if necessary resolutions are received from regulatory authorities.

LTE technology theoretically can provide data transfer speed to 326 Mb/sec from the base station to the client’s equipment.

br_160Internet Explorer come of second best at the world browsers market

According to StatCounter last weekend Chrome browser was in advantage of Internet Explorer as a world famous browser.

March 18, Sunday, market share of Chrome reached 32.7% and IE made 32.5% of the global market. According to StatCounter the third browser was Firefox of 24.8% followed by Safari and Opera of the shares of 7.1% and 1.9% correspondingly.

But Internet Explorer could return the garland very soon. As for the morning of March 20 the share of Microsoft’s browser in the world made 33.1% and of Chrome – 31.1%.

But in some separate regions Internet Explorer isn’t a leader no more for a long time already. In Russia it is on the third place with 23.1%. The first and second lines of the rating are taken by Chrome and Firefox with shares of 24.9% and 24.6% correspondingly. Opera browser has 22.6% of the Russian market and Safari – near 2.0%.

According to analytics drop of share Internet Explorer at the world market will continue.

iMoscow Mayor’s Office spends 100 millions RUR to develop e-textbooks

Sergey Sobianin, Mayor of the city, signed a resolution of the city’s government concerning the garnts. According to a source from the city’s administration the grants are for legal entities launching modern information technologies for realization of general educational programs, for the best e-textbooks.

He explained that each grant shall be of 5 millions RUR for 20 nominations. 100 millions RUR will be spent for the grants in total.

It is supposed to develop an e-textbook and e-study guides for the following nominations: new primary school 1-4 years, Russian language, Literature, Foreign language, Russian history, General history, Social studies, Geography, Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Informatics, Principles of ethic and spiritual culture of Russia, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Arts, Music, Technology, Principles of life safety.

lenovoLenovo waits for Windows 8 final version in October

 Lenovo plans to become the first manufacturing company to issue a tablet computer of the new Microsoft Windows 8 OS and waits for its final version to appear in October.

Windows 8 test version for the developers was presented in September 2011, and Consumer Preview version was issued last month. Official date of appearance of the final version is not known yet. According to mass-media Lonovo could issue IdeaPad Yoga tablet with 13.3-inches screen ancestor of which was presented at Consumer Electronic Show.

Previously Michel Dell, General director of Dell, announced issue of a tablet with Windows 8 simultaneously with appearance of the very OS. Moreover it became known on the умe that Nokia is developing a tablet computer to become the first attempt of Finish manufacturer to come forward on the perspective market of tablets. It is supposed that Nokia will use Windows 8 OS from its partner – Microsoft.

Using Windows 8 Microsoft plans to press the competitors on the fast growing market of tablet computers and not to miss the traditional profit – PC segment. The system has new interface – Metro for sensor control which looks like the one used on smartphones with Windows Phone. But this does not mean that keyboard and mouse control will not be used.

google_160Google is preparing complex modernization of search system

 During the next months Google will start launching absolutely new search algorithms.

According to Amit Singal, Head of Google ranging group, the question is about semantic means of realization. The system will try to understand the enquiry which will let to complete the results list not with websites links only but with the direct answer to the subject of interest.

Mr. Singal explains that when the enquiry is input it shall be processed through the special base of “sunstances” – people, places, objects, definitions, etc. It turned out that this base was being formed for two years already.

Semantic search will help to associate different worlds and objects with each other. As the result the search service will produce more relevant information. For example, an answer to the enquiry “Lake Tahoe” the system will not only generate the list of links to the websites with the corresponding information, but will also produce data about the water itself: its location, average temperature etc. and to the enquiry “10 biggest lakes of the planet” it will form the list of them.

Direct answers will be given above the min list of the search results. In some cases the users will receive information of interest from Google page directly – without transferring to other resources.

Eventually new search technologies will be implemented gradually as they will influence rating of millions websites. The observers suppose that the developed system will let Google increase effectiveness of web-ads.

According to estimates of comScore, in February Google had 66.4% of American search market. The second place is taken by Microsoft – 15.3%, and the third one – by Yahoo! – 13.8%.

 Lenovo waits for Windows 8 final version in October

pictRussian Universities were not included in the Reputation Rating

None of Russian Universities entered the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings rating completed by Times Higher Education magazine with Thomson Reuters agency.

Harvard is the leader of this reputation rating, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is on the second place, Cambridge is on the third one, Stanford is on the forth and University of California, Berkeley – on the fifth.

The rating completed for the second time yet is made of 100 universities of the world of the best reputation. To determine this parameter the representatives of the magazine and information agency sent out the questionnaires to the leading scientists of the different spheres of science. Answering the questions was of free-will and they didn’t receive any compensation.

When filling in the questionnaires the volunteers had been working for science and education 16 years already. Each respondent to a survey was supposed to list a range of the most authoritative universities from his own point of view. Authors of the rating based on the presumption that people from the sphere of science and education communicate with each other frequently in casual setting and at conferences, and they do know the situation in different universities.

17554 persons from 149 countries took part in completing the rating. The basic part (approximately 44 per cent) are from North and South America, near 28% - from Asia and Oceania, and 25% - from Africa. Distribution of the subjects was the following: 20% of natural science, the same number of engineering and technology, 19% of social science, 17% were medics, 165 – biologists and the rest – from the art sphere.

The results of the questionnaires were summed up with the results of analysis of the university’s activity of 13 factors which were the basis for making Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Summing up is made two-to-one – the specialists’ opinion is the main factor for the reputation rating.

pictureI-COMference-2012 in Moscow

March 13-14, OMference-2012 dedicated to communications and communicative internet platforms, took place in Moscow.

The members of the Conference discussed “growing up” of internet media in Runet, development trends of social media, reputation monitoring aтd management, copyright issues, work with mass-media anв other issues.

Vasiliy Gatov, Head of media laboratory RIA Novosty, Ksenia Sobchak, Journalist, Iliya Ponomarev, State Duma deputy, Andrey Sebrant, Marketing director oа Yandex services, Galina Timchenko, Chief redactor of and Polina Kozlovskaya, Chief redactor of Dozhd channel web cast version, attended the event among the others.

At the conference the winners of “Runet Web logger 2012” were awarded. RIA Novosty took the first prize.

Near one thousand people visited the conference during two days, and two thousands user watched online translation of the members’ speeches. The event was organized by magazine “Internet in figures” with the support of Russian Association of e-communications and RIA Novosty.

amazonAmazon Company issued software for e-books of new KF8 format. This format based o standards HTML5 and CSS3, shall replace Mobi 7. According to Amazon KF8 shall let the editors to use more than 150 formatting functions. New format will let to use rich graphics in e-books.

 New format will let to use rich graphics in e-books. But video and audio support unfortunately is not foreseen at this stage.

 It is mentioned that Amazon is ready to accept from the editors and promote materials of KF8 format. At first such books will be offered for 200 $ Android pad Kindle Fire. Later the format will be available for the latest models of Kindle readers and PC and portable devices applications.

Prime-minister of the RF wants to adopt an old American tradition and to prepare the list of books which should be read by each school leaver of Russian schools.

In the article published in “Nezavisimaya gazeta” (Independent newspaper) Vladimir Putin suggested to make a list of one hundred books determining Russian “cultural canon” to be read by each school leaver. He reminded of the movement for studying west cultural canon formed in some leading American universities in 1920s – there was a list of special books to be read be “each self-respecting student”. Some USA universities keep this tradition to the present day.

According to the offer of the prime-minister the list should be formed under the results of opinion polls of “our culture authorities” and the books “should not be boned up but read individually”. Knowledge can be evaluated at school leaving exam only – a composition for the theme of the read books or at academic competitions. Vladimir Putin mentionted that social aim of education is “to give somebody fixed volume of humanities knowledge making the basis for self identification of nation”. Notorious “cultural canon” in the sphere of Russian literature is seen as its integral part. Also Mr. Putin highlighted that “nobody is entrench freedom of expression”, the question is not about censorship or “formal ideology” but is about a type of “delicate cultural therapy” letting the state to resolve public issues and forming worldview uniting the nation.

RIA Novosty (Russian Information Agency “News”) revealed opinions of some culture authorities concerning the possible list of books: except for classic literature of school program there are stories of ancient Greece, Bible and Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Dmitry Bykov, Leonid Uzefovich, Zakhar Prilepin. Modern authors offered to remember modern literature themselves.

r_223074An amendment to the legislation about author’s rights whose writings are studied in schools is prepared in Great Britain.

It will cut down or even eliminate copyright royalties and so many famous writers argued against it. Now British schools pay determined sums annually to the authors whose writings are used for education purposes.

There were more than 18 thousands of them in 2011 – they are authors of fiction, textbooks and manuals. Several hundreds of British writers announced that if the legislation was taken they wouldn’t write any more for education purposes and would deal with something more profitable. Webportal Openspace cites British press and reveals strange and sudden subject.

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