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laptUkrainians are on the 4th place in the world among the students using laptops

When preparing for lectures, seminars, exams, the east-European students prefer to use digital “media” (e-books, lectures, educational podcasts, multimedia encyclopedias etc.). In average 76% of students choose the digital information.

Traditional information (textbooks, monograhs, printed periodicals etc.) are popular among students from Romania (38%) and Ukraine (30%). Digital media is actively used by the students from Poland (85%), Czech Republic (85%) and Hungary (77%).

Of five countries of Eastern Europe Ukraine is on the forth place – 19% of students are using laptops, 0.5% - tablets and 1.1% - e-books for studying.

The most “mobile” students are from Poland and Czech republic. The students of these countries prefer mobile digital devices – laptops, tablet PC, e-books, smarphones and communicators.

iPad is the most popular tablet PC among the questioned students from Eastern Europe. 85% of students prefer this Apple tablet. iPad is most popular among Ukrainian (91%0 and Romanian (90%) students.

Laptops are still the leaders among digital devices used by students for studying. Romanian (96%), Ukrainian (90%) and Hungarian (88%) students use them most of all.

innInline Group, RSK and Intel are building education “cloud”

“Cloud” education platform is created in North-Ammosov East Federal University (Yakutsk, Sakha Republic) using which each student and professor of the university will receive access to educational resources of the university and new educational services.

Project “United Information Service Space” (UISS) is realized by the Federal University and big Russian IT-integrators: Inline Group and RSK Group supported by Intel Corporation. They have developed general concept of education solution for the University on the base of cloud computing technology. Inline Group was a General constructor being responsible for development of the UISS system project being the basis for the University’s decision, and for realization of hardware and communications of the project. RSK Group takes part in the project as a developer and supplier of innovative education platform “RSK Universum” based on cloud computing to increase quality and effectiveness of teaching in the universities; Intel was an ideologist and consultant because of its broad experience of participation in the similar events all over the world. Realization of the joint project of the University started in November 2011 and now its first stage of launching is being finished.

The students and professors of three departments of our university – Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Biology and Geography, and Physics and Technology Institute - will be the first ones to test the system. Each professor and student will have possibility “to manage his own business” being elsewhere in Sakha, Russia or even world. Thus for example, professors could control a student’s activity and exercises distantly, comment sent materials and documents. It will be possible to check timetables at any time, to know changes of university life or to look through new orders. Also students and professors could share documents and contact with each other virtually.

ComputerwAcer announced its first tetranuclear tablet

Acer Iconia Tab A510 tablet presented by Acer is made with tetranuclear processor and functions with Android 4.0. It has a screen of 10.1 inches with resolution of 1280x800 points. As it is announced in Acer the computer is mainly for games and videos. Acer states that it can function during 12 hours playing videos. Iconia Tab A510 is already presold in North America for 450 USD.

Nvidia Tegra 3 chip is used in the tablet, productivity of which according to the tests of Laptop Magazine is in advance of A5X used in new iPad in some tasks. Till today Acer’s tablets had binuclear processor as maximum. Range of competitors of the company, including Asus, Lenovo etc,  are in advance of it issuing tetranuclear tablets.

Iconia Tab A510 has office package Polaris Office 3.5 which can be matched with files of Microsoft Office format. The tablet also has micro-HDMI and microUSB 2.0 ports, microSD card-reader, 1 Hb of core memory, 32 Gb of flash-memory, megapixels front camera and 5-pixel rear one. It films videos of resolution of 1080p but tablet shows 720p only.

sw_600Microsoft invented how to teach computers to receive gestures in front of the screen

 Miscrosoft Corporation and researchers of University of Washington (USA) developed an application which allows computers to perceive gestures without sensor screen, Kinect controller and other special devices.

Test software was called SoundWave. You need to have just microphone and dynamics. Software generates sound waves of high frequency not heard by a man. The waves are reflected from the objects (for example, user’s hands) at one meter from the emitter and caught by microphone.

System uses Doppler’s principle: changes in characteristics of sound waves are registered and transferred into control commands.

pppQuantum computer D-Wave One hit the market

 Quantum computers creeped from the fantasy world into mass production. Some days ago D-Wave, American company, announced market launch of computer system D-Wave One with Rainer processor.

It’s a very unordinary computer; it can solve the tasks for discrete optimization only. So D-Wave One can be used as a part of any computing clusters for specific aims. It is supposed that the system will be purchased by the companies from Fortune 500 list.

Custer of 128 qubits is used in the quantum Rainer processor, they execute quantum anneal – the quantum system “finds” the most energetically advantageous configuration with quantum fluctuations provided by tunneling through potential barriers.

Thanks to this procedure the computer is more effective for solving tasks in the sphere of discrete optimization (including the ones of combinatory optimization), ordinary computers of binary logics are not designed for this. Thus for example it can be a task of a salesman, for transport rout or diagrams coverage etc.

Specialists are not sure that D-Wave can be called “a real quantum computer” despite the demonstration of coherent quantum effects. The case is that quantum coherence is used in this computer as an auxiliary factor (for quantum anneal) together with ordinary calculations. And “a real quantum computer” shall significantly increase the speed of calculations due to direct operations with qubits.

paDialogue prompts for polysemic queries appeared in Yandex

As the company announced on Wednesday, Yandex, Russian search service, launched dialogue prompts for polysemic queries. Now the users can specify their search if it has several meanings “by one click”.

Thus for example, the system of prompts will help select what the user wants to know exactly if he prints “bog bilberry” in the search box – recipes with this berries or its useful properties. And if you type “Charlie Chaplin” the search service will offer: “Biography? Photo? Video?”

Intent search based on understanding the needs and solving the user’s problems – is one of the basic ways of development of the Russian search service in 2012. The company promises that In the nearest future some more products will be launched.

Dialogue prompts use “Spectrum” technology which was launched in December 2010. Representatives of the company explain: “It determines possible aims of the user and offers the results of search of these aims. “Spectrum” combines answers to different themes in the search results taking into account the demand for them”.

According to Yandex polysemic world and phrases make 20% of new queries. Now in each case the search service will have a dialogue with the user.

appGmail, mail service, explains why a letter was found in spam

 Representatives of Gmail announced in the official service weblog that Gmail, popular mail service, of Google company started to explain to the users why a letter was marked by service as spam.

As it is said in the message of Gmail representatives: “Many of our users say that accurate spam filter is one of the main reasons why they like Gmail. And although we suppose that you should not look into the spam folder, we know that some of you still wish to know why the messages were marked as spam”.

Now Gmail users will see an explanation why the letter was refined in the beginning of each message marked as spam. Spam filter can refine the letter for several reasons – dangerous code, fishing threat, marking by users of the same letters as spam etc.

As it is highlighted by Gmail representatives the information can be of interest not for the users only but it could also help them examine fraudulent and dangerous letters from mail box.

According to research of Russian antivirus company “Kaspersky Lab” share of spam in the world mail traffic 2009-2011 decreased for 5% - from 85.2% to 80.26%, but spam became more dangerous because of increased number of viruses in it.

apTwitter users publish more than 340 millions messages per day

 According to Twitter celebrating its 6th birthday last Wednesday the users of micro weblogs service publish more than 340 millions messages per day – or near a billion twits in three days.

March 21, 2006, five years ago, the first message appeared on the micro weblog service. Jack Dorsey, founder of the service, wrote in his account: “Setting my twitter”.

During the last year the volume of daily twit-messages doubled and even more – one year ago Twitter users published one billion messages just per week.

Originally Twitter was developed as a space for employees of Odeo software company could interchange messages. Messages of 140 symbols long should be reflected on the pages of the users signed for the author’s account. The messages could be sent through web-interface or SMS, then many client software for different OSs appeared including mobile ones.

But during six years the service became very popular and today it is one of the most important sources of online information. In accordance with the latest data near 140 millions users enter the website each day.

Change of interface with new design of pages and folds “@Connect” and “#Discover, ads for mobile products and ads for small business, are the most visible novelties of Twitter of the last year.

Notification of Twitter about possibility to hide content which is supposed to be illegal in some countries caused complaints of the citizens of these countries keeping it visible for other users all over the world.

According to statistics of Russian Yandex browser Cyrillic segment of Twitter makes more than 2.2 millions users, Last week a chapter “Russia” appeared in the setting of actual themes (trends) – now users with its help can watch the discussions of Russian micro web loggers. The most popular themes can be traced in three Russian cities – Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.

iiiArkhangelsk community: new law about culture turned Russian citizens into “Ivans having no remembrance of their relatives”

March 16, the participants of the round table in the Region Deputies board of Arkhangelsk came to conclusion that the new federal law “About culture” will finally cut up spiritual values of society and turn Russian citizens into “Ivans having no remembrance of their relatives”. Clergymen, scientists and leaders of non-governmental organizations of Moscow and Pomrie discussed the draft law.

As it was mentioned by the participants of the round tables according to the draft law any social groups whether they are destructive or not, for example, marginal youth movements, satan worships and other destructive sects, will be stated as cultural communities and their values and norms – as nonmaterial cultural heritage. The As it is written on the official website of the Episcopate of Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory, the State will guarantee protection and support of these values; selection criteria are not listed in the law.

As Olga Letkova, Director of Community center of legal examination and legislative drafting activities, I Counselor of the Russian Federation (Moscow) told, the draft law states free choice of moral and ethic values, so immorality is legalized and becomes a part of morality. Moreover spiritual values are excluded from the definition of “cultural heritage of the RF”. The law is dangerous because it will cause loss of national spiritual and moral compass which makes our traditional cultural code.

All participants of the round table agreed that constitutional sense of freedom of creativity doesn’t mean that the state is obliged to support any, including destructive norms of behavior. The resolution with the corresponding offers was sent to the Region Deputies board of Arkhangelsk, State Duma of the RF and other state government authorities.

The meeting was organized by Metropolia of Arkhangelsk, Association of Parents Committees and Communities “ARSK” and Board of Fathers of Arkhangelsk region. As it was mentioned by the organizers the critics of the draft law was supported in several; regions where public notices of opposition are also prepared.

tablet_16027% of Americans use mobile devices to read the news

 Pew Research Center counted that websites of online medias are visited through smartphones or tablets by near 27% of USA citizens.

According to the poll more than 80% of those using mobile gadget to surf the news also visit news resources from laptop or desktop. Approximately 5% of Americans visit media websites using all three devices – communicators, tablets and PCs.

During 2011 attendance of news internet resources increased for 17%. Approximately 32% of the respondents told that they use search facilities of news websites; 29% of the respondents work with news accumulators of Topix type, near 9% of traffic of online media provide social networks.

It is also highlighted that in 2011 near 68% of the internet ads profit in USA was of the following five companies: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo! и AOL.

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